Born in Nîmes, Clémence developed a passion for music very early on. She enrolled in the conservatory at age 6, taking piano lessons from Catherine Silie (a student of Yves Nat), and began cello lessons at age 8 with Christine Radais.

          Clémence won the solo piano Grand Prix of the town of Nîmes in 2001 and graduated with a degree in cello musical studies in 2003. She then attended the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory under Raphaël Rochet, where her passion for accompaniment developed, before enrolling in the Lyon Conservatory under Marie-Cécile Milan. Clémence has also studied with great concert musicians and professors such as Olivier Gardon, Jacques Rouvier, Xavier Gagnepain and Jacques Deregnancourt.

          Clémence mostly performs alongside her husband in their group as a convincing and imposing force, playing in a poetic, swift and nuanced manner. With a sensitive touch and a superb tonal palette, her lyricism supports her great skill that is revered in many countries.

          She is also the choirmaster of a polyphonic ensemble with 70 members, a men’s choir, as well as Vox Canora, a small choir that performs in competitions and festivals (Draguignan, Verona, Prague…)