drapeau-anglais Duo Nuances” is an experienced piano-accordion duet created in 2005. Inspired from a young age by the illustrious duo of Marcel Azzola and Lina Bossatti, Clémence et Jérémie perform their own transcriptions of composers such as Vivaldi, Satie, Bach, Brahms and Piazzolla, with great mastery of their instruments and in perfect harmony. 

     These two virtuosos have a bold and eclectic repertoire (classical, Argentine tango, Russian folklore…) with a refined dialogue between the piano and the accordion, winning over the audience from the very first chords..

 They have performed at numerous concerts and festivals in France (Pavillon Baltard and Salle du Trianon in Paris, Congress Center in Megève…) and abroad: USA, Quebec, Czech Republic, Croatia, Norway, Spain…)

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